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  Failure to select a viable embryo in an infertility treatment cycle is one of the factors limiting the success rates. Nowadays, embryologists select embryos based on their external morphology. While continuously undergoing many developmental changes, embryos are taken out only 3-4 times to be viewed and assessed. Such few times of assessment may not be enough as some important changes that are indicators of abnormalities may be hidden under normal looking morphology. These abnormal embryos cannot grow after being put into the uterus and this causes failed pregnancies. Consequently, the conventional method of embryo selection cannot give a reliable indication of whether an embryo will grow healthily in the uterus. Research studies on embryo selection show that 65 -90% of embryos stop growing and die not long after being put in the uterus. However, the good news is that, an innovative method in embryo culture has been developed to improve the efficiency of embryo selection. This technology which helps increasing the success rates of infertility treatments is called EmbryoScope.

What Is the EmbryoScope and What Are the Benefits?

  • The EmbryoScope is an embryo incubation chamber with a photography program using a time-lapse system technology and special innovated software that enables us to view continuous embryo growth almost like watching a VDO. So scientists can observe the embryo growth around the clock via the monitor, compare and identify developing embryos with positive indicators to grow well in the uterus. On top of that, in order to grow healthily, an embryo needs a very controllable environment which includes conditions such as temperature, pH level and gas composition. In the standard selection method, embryos must be taken out of the incubation chamber to be viewed and assessed under a microscope. Even though there has been an effort to decrease the risk of going through unstable conditions by installing a microscope on the IVF chamber which helps control the temperature and gas composition, small variations of temperature and gas composition can hardly be avoided every time the embryos are taken out of the incubator. Therefore, another great advantage of EmbryoScope over the standard method is that, scientists can assess the developing embryos by observing them via the monitor without having to take them out. Evidently, it is a new technology developed to help reduce weak points and problems in the current embryo culture and selection.

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