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Medical Checkup Center

Early detection and diagnosis of diseases are highly desirable. Healing possibilities are higher, when diseases are detected at early stages. The American Medical Association suggests that people have medical checkups every five years until age 40 and then every one to three years thereafter. One rule of thumb is suggested: For individuals in their twenties - two examinations during that time period; in their thirties - three examinations, forties - four examinations. An annual health exam is recommended for most patients after age 50.

Chaophya Hospital Checkup Center provides one-stop health checkup service by virtue of its linkage to the clinical laboratory’s analyzers by the Laboratory Information Computer System and to the Radiology Imaging Center by the PACS (pictures archive communication system. Test results flow directly from the laboratory and imaging center allowing for error free, rapid tests reporting at the same visit. The Checkup Center offers multiple standard packaged health checkup programs suitable for persons in different age groups and conditions at economical price.

Our Services:

  • General Health Checkup
  • Classic Health Checkup (age 14-30 yrs)
  • Premier Checkup (age 30-45 yrs)
  • Gold Checkup (age > 45 yrs)
  • Executive Checkup (age > 50 yrs)
  • Pre-Marriage / Pre-Pregnancy Checkup
  • Heart Screening Program
  • Cancer Detection Program
  • Tumor Marker Screening Program
  • General Diabetic Checkup
  • Comprehensive Diabetic Checkup
  • Hepatitis Screening Program
  • Ultrasound Abdomen Screening Program


Our Doctors:
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Viboon Pairojcharoenkha, M.D.
Wuthinun Sukhato, M.D.
Visoot Vootiprux, M.D.
Yongyut Kongthanarat, M.D.
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